Kennel Club Academy FAQs

 Updated 10/04/2018 



How will the online multiple choice exams be carried out? Is there concern that there may be ‘stand-ins’?

The whole UK judging system relies upon trust. New judges who are required to take the RDSJ exam will be required to take their initial exam in person and the refresher exam online.

Can I access the Kennel Club Academy without being a licenced judge JCF

Yes. You can sign up to the Kennel Club Academy for £26 per year to access the learning resources but do not have to make use of the JCF if you do not wish to undertake judging appointments.

If the licence is not renewed, does the judge remain eligible for any appointments they have accepted?

No, they must remain a Kennel Club licenced judge to be able to both accept and undertake the judging appointment.

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