Judges Lists FAQs

 Updated 19/02/2018 

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Are breed clubs permitted to maintain their judges lists after 2022?

If a club wishes to, it can. However, judges will only be able to judge in line with their level registered on the JCF. Societies can only invite those on the Kennel Club Academy and on the Find A Judge facility on the Kennel Club website.

Will the breed clubs be permitted to keep their own judges list based on the understanding that it will be supervised by the Kennel Club?

There will be one judging list per breed available online. It will be the most efficient way to maintain the list and allows all show societies to see who is able to judge a breed and at what level. Any lists held by clubs will be unofficial.

We wish to nominate a judge for our 2022 show. How are we able to check a judge’s eligibility before inviting him for the appointment?

We recommend strongly that societies do not select judges too far in advance. If a show wants to select a judge for a show beyond 2019, prior to that judge having registered with the Kennel Club Academy and been transitioned over, the inviting society should ask the judge to confirm that they will be a Kennel Club Academy member prior to the show society issuing its final part of the judges contract. During the three-year transition period (2019-2021) a judge can alternatively be appointed from the relevant breed club list, with the exception of C list judges who must either be registered at JCF Level 1 or be promoted to a B list by the time the appointment takes place. No appointments can be carried out on or after 1January 2022 where a judge is not listed on the Find A Judge facility, at the appropriate level, at the time of the invitation.

From 1 January 2019 to 31 December 2021, the two systems will be run alongside each other. Does this mean judges can be invited on either system?

Yes, the two systems will run alongside each other and shows can invite using either. It is expected that over time there will be a shift to the new system, especially as societies will need to choose a judge from Find A Judge or breed club lists. The former is likely to be more accessible for show societies.

In minority breeds, there is concern that with the lack of specific club judging lists, the judges invited will not be particularly interested in the breed. Are you able to offer any advice?

There is nothing to stop a breed club from holding a breed-specific seminar now and adding people to their lists. Inviting show societies will still be able to work from breed club lists up until the end of 2021, as well as using the Find A Judge service on the Kennel Club website. Breed clubs could also be proactive by encouraging their preferred judges to ‘transition across’ to the Academy when the time comes.

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