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 Updated 10/04/2018 



What was the inspiration behind the idea to develop the JCF?

To develop a logical sequence of training and developing judges and to develop a scheme that ensured new CC judges were competent in the breeds they wanted to judge. The Kennel Club has received much feedback from its Accredited Trainers, show societies, judges and most importantly exhibitors on the need for a new training and approval system for British judges.

Is it the hope that JCF will encourage exhibitors to enter open shows?

Yes, it is the hope that having judges who have a well-rounded knowledge of their breed will encourage more people to show at open shows. Exhibitors will be assured that judges have undertaken basic training, and the additional supported entry shows should boost entries as breed clubs will be selecting judges.

Will the Find A Judge online facility give details of previous and future appointments at all my levels of my judging or just awarding CCs as it does at present?

The Find a Judge function will record all appointments that the judge inputs into the system.

Will I be able to put all my non CC judging records that I did prior to JCF coming in on to the online facility?

Yes, once the new JCF system is available if you so wish. However, it is recommended that only key historic appointments are input.

Will there be specific training for judges prior to judging Imported Register classes?

Imported Register classes by definition involve the judging of more than one breed. IR breed clubs are encouraged to hold Breed Appreciation Days and may mentor candidates.

I have already met JCF Level 1 requirements but have not taken the Ring Stewarding multiple-choice exam as this was announced later. Do I need to take this exam?

If judges have already met the JCF Level 1 requirements before this exam was announced, the KC will not insist on judges taking this exam. 

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