Breed Specialists FAQs

 Updated 05/03/2018 

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The JCF’s focus is properly educating judges; however, there is no mention of numbers required for each breed. Could you please let us know whether the Kennel Club is concerned that it may be losing valuable breed knowledge that breed specialists have?

The JCF is designed with the breed specialist in mind and should enable them to progress, to gain experience judging through more breed supported open shows. The Kennel Club values the contribution of the single breed specialist and is seeking to use their knowledge in the training of the future judges of their breed.

Will all judges be expected to undertake the Requirements of a Dog Show Judge (RDSJ) seminar?

Yes, every judge must take the RDSJ exam every five years. Existing CC judges and those who have already passed the RDSJ will have the choice of attending a RDSJ seminar and taking the exam there, or may take the online RDSJ exam. New judges who are required to take the RDSJ exam will be required to take their initial exam in person and the refresher exam online. 

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