Breed Education Coordinator FAQs

 Updated 19/02/2018 

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What role do you envisage the Breed Education Co-ordinator (BEC) playing in the JCF?

It is hoped that there will be one BEC for each individual breed. The role will require good admin and people skills. Details on the role can be found at

What training and support will the Kennel Club and breed clubs provide?

The Kennel Club will provide each BEC with all of the information required to carry out their role and offer practical support and assistance when required. All BECs will be invited to an event in July 2018.

How will the Breed Education Co-ordinator (BEC) be chosen?

The person will be chosen by the breed club or, in the case of breeds with more than one club, through a consensus of breed clubs. They will remain in the post until the breed club(s) appoints someone else. 

Can a sub-group or variety of a breed have one Breed Education Co-ordinator?

A breed with more than one variety (and where approval of one variety means approval for all varieties) would be expected to have one BEC, if possible. The BEC should ensure that the mentoring process covers all the sizes, coats and varieties of that breed, so for example at a show the mentor and student should watch more than one variety during the session. 

When should breed clubs be considering appointing Breed Education Co-ordinators, mentors and observers?

The Kennel Club has asked clubs to appoint their BEC by 1 June 2018.

Does the Breed Education Co-ordinator need to be a CC judge?

No, there is no requirement for the BEC to award CCs. The Kennel Club asks that breeds consider appointing people who are highly organised and would the best person for the role,

Can there be more than one Breed Education Co-ordinator per breed?

If breeds find that they really cannot agree on a single person then the Kennel Club will become involved and MAY agree there can be more than one BEC. If a breed is concerned about spreading the workload they may appoint assistant or sub BECs.

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