Breed Competence Assessments FAQs

 Updated 10/04/2018 



Who will cover the expenses of the handlers and dogs for candidate judges to go over at the assessments?

The Kennel Club will pay their expenses, along with those of the assessors.

Will there be a centralised location such as Stoneleigh which will be used as a main assessment centre? Additionally, will the Kennel Club manage the logistics for the day and oversee the assessment process?

Stoneleigh is a central location and home to the Kennel Club Building and will be used for many of the assessments. However, they could be held at other venues; in part that will depend upon demand. Some may be held at group or general shows, particularly for breeds with very low number or where maintaining dogs in full ‘show coat’ requires a lot of work. If there is sufficient demand in a certain geographical area and a suitable venue is available then that will be considered. The Kennel Club will manage the logistics for the day and oversee the assessment process. All administration associated with assessments will be undertaken by Kennel Club staff.

Is there a minimum number of dogs to be present for the Breed Competence Assessment?

There is a fixed number of dogs required for a Breed Competence Assessment which is 5 dogs. There will be a limit on the number of candidates with the welfare of the dogs in mind. It is possible that multiple sessions on a day could be arranged if there is such a demand, or more than one breed’s assessment held on one day.

How many assessors need to be in agreement for a candidate to pass the Breed Competence Assessment ? 

Three assessors need to be in agreement to pass a candidate. 

I am currently on a breed club C list and have passed a hands-on assessment. Can I use this to register at JCF Level 2?

Yes. Any assessment, whether it is a hands-on assessment or a multiple-choice exam can be used to register at JCF Level 2 during the transitional period, as long as it is accompanied by a certificate of attendance at the breed seminar. However you cannot register as JCF Level 2 until you have fulfilled all the elements of, and registered, at JCF Level 1.

The JCF introduces structured training of judges, following a specified sequence of training. From 1 January 2022 a Multiple-choice Breed Standard Exam pass plus an attendance certificate must be obtained to register at JCF Level 2

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