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Please note the following update on JCF, issued 7 June 2019 click here to read more. 

Mentoring forms an important part of a judge’s learning to be competent to judge a breed. Below is the  Code of Best Practice for Mentoring and a copy of the evaluation form. 

Mentor Lists

The mentors listed here have been collated by Breed Education Co-ordinators (BECs), in consultation with their respective breed clubs and breed councils. If a breed does not have a mentor list published this is because the Breed Education Co-ordinator is currently collating it. These lists will be regularly updated, and lists added as they are received.

Please note that mentor lists can be added to and amended at any point solely by the Breed Education Co-ordinator.

Breed mentoring can only take place once a list of mentors has been agreed and published and all requests for mentoring should be made through the Breed Education Co-ordinator and not direct to any mentor.

Please note that all requests for mentoring must be made directly to the BEC. Mentees should not approach mentors directly.

Please refer any questions about specific lists to the relevant BEC in the first instance.

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