Requirements of a Bloodhound Trial Judge

Judges are invited by the society which is staging a Bloodhound Trial (it is not acceptable for judges to solicit for appointments). Before inviting a judge, the society must be satisfied that the judge is suitably qualified, and before accepting an appointment judges should ensure they meet the minimum criteria, which are described below. Bloodhound judges must progress through various stages or lists and meet minimum criteria for each list.  They are then entitled to judge different stakes at Championship Bloodhound Trials.

List D - Assistant to the Judge


  • Have the support of the Society's Committee.
  • Be proficient in map reading and be willing and competent to walk lines at trials.
  • Have a basic knowledge of livestock and the countryside.
  • Demonstrate a general interest in the sport, have attended Bloodhound Trials and followed working Bloodhounds.
  • Initiate their Bloodhound Trial Record Book.
  • It would be preferable for them to have handled a Bloodhound at trials

List C - Lower Stakes Judges (Novice, Junior, Intermediate)


  • Comply with List D.
  • Have the support of the Society's Committee.
  • Have carried out Assistant appointments on at least four occasions at Kennel Club licensed Bloodhound Trials.
  • Have gained experience and helped in the organisation of Bloodhound Trials/Prestigious Stakes/Training Days.
  • Have attended the Kennel Club's Bloodhound Regulations and Judging Procedure Seminar and passed the Regulations and Judging Procedure Examination.

List B - Prospective Senior Stake Judges

Specialist Judges


  • Comply with List C.
  • Have the support of the Society's Committee.
  • Have judged stakes at Bloodhound Trials on at least three occasions at Kennel Club licensed events.
  • Have overall knowledge and experience of the management and organisation of Bloodhound Trials.

Foreign Judges and Non-Specialist Judges (M.Hs, Huntsmen etc.) 


  • Comply with List C and in addition must:
  • Have the support of the Society's Committee.
  • Have judged Stakes at Bloodhound Trials in the UK on at least two occasions at Kennel Club licensed events.

Foreign Judges:


  • Be able to satisfy the Kennel Club with evidence of judging experience other than with bloodhounds in the UK.

Non-specialist Judges:


  • Be able to satisfy the Kennel Club with evidence of experience of working with hounds.

List A - Senior Stake Judges


  • Have the support of the Society's Committee.
  • Have been approved by the Kennel Club to award Working Trial Certificates at Championship Bloodhound Trials and have completed their first appointment. To receive Kennel Club approval Judges must meet the criteria set out in the following paragraph 'Judges for the Senior Stake'.
  • Please note: Foreign Judges / Master of Hounds etc, are invited to judge at the discretion of the society committee in all Stakes other than Senior, for which Kennel Club approval is required.

Judges for the Senior Stake

Once a judge has progressed to List B they are in a position to be invited to judge the Senior Stake - the highest stake for Bloodhound Trials - and to award a Bloodhound Working Trial Certificate. First-time Senior Stake judges must meet the following criteria before their judge's questionnaire will be considered by the Activities Sub-Committee:

  • They must have judged at least three stakes, not at the same trial, at Kennel Club licensed Bloodhound Trials.  A judge may include one overseas Bloodhound Trial Open Stake within the three stakes (only appointments in Belgium, Denmark, Holland or Sweden will be considered).
  • They must be included on a breed club B list.
  • They must have attended a Kennel Club Bloodhound Regulations and Judging Procedure Seminar and passed the accompanying examination.
  • They must be less than 75 years old on the first day of the trial.

Judges nominated for the first time to judge the Senior Stake will be assessed by a Kennel Club approved assessor prior to being approved by the General Committee of the Kennel Club.

Approval of Senior Stake judges

Societies are required to obtain Kennel Club approval for all Senior Stake Judges, and must submit their nominations to the Kennel Club at least 6 months before the appointment (at least 18 months in the case of 'first-time' Senior Stake judges) using the official nomination form. Nominations of 'first time' judges (who have not previously been approved to judge that stake at a Championship trial) must be accompanied by a completed Bloodhound Trial Judge's questionnaire. First-time Senior Stake judges will be assessed at a judging appointment before being considered for approval by the General Committee.

Although the deadline for nominations of first-time judges is 18 months, it is in the interests of the society and the judge to submit nominations, with the judge's completed questionnaire, as far ahead as possible to allow time for the assessment to take place and the nomination to be considered and approved well before the date of the trial.


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