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Judges at Kennel Club licensed Bloodhound Trials are expected to maintain and abide by the highest standards, adhering to Kennel Club regulations and the judges' Code of Best Practice. All judges should be appropriately experienced and have suitable temperament, physical fitness and stamina. They must act honestly and impartially and judge in a customary fashion acceptable to competitors. The overall aim of a judge is to provide value for the time, training, effort and money which competitors put into their rounds at the trial.

Training seminars for Bloodhound Trial Judges

All judges must be fully conversant with the Kennel Club Bloodhound Working Trial (I) Regulations. A very effective way to achieve this is by attending a Kennel Club Bloodhound Trial Regulations and Judging Procedure seminar. The seminar and accompanying examination provide participants with a comprehensive introduction to the Regulations and also discuss judging procedure and etiquette. 

Anyone who is holding a Bloodhound Trial-related seminar this year is invited to email the details to the Kennel Club's Canine Activities (Working Dog Activities) to so that the seminar can be listed on this page.

List of Bloodhound Trial Seminars

The full list of training seminars is available here.

Organising a Bloodhound Trial Seminar

Successful Bloodhound Trial Seminar Candidates

To see a list of all those who have attended Bloodhound Trial judging seminars and passed the examination or assessment, please click on the link in the toolbar on the right. Please bear in mind that although it is necessary for new judges to have passed the seminar and exam, successful candidates will not necessarily be ready to become Bloodhound trial judges.

Before inviting a judge who is not known to them, show secretaries should establish the level of the intended judge's knowledge and experience as a competitor and judge.