Requirements of an Agility Judge

Before you become an Agility Judge you must have sufficient knowledge and experience of agility so that you are able to judge fairly and accurately. Most judges will have already competed in agility for several years and will have assisted as ring managers or on show committees with the running or organisation of agility shows. This experience provides the prospective judge with vital experience and knowledge of all the elements of running an agility class safely and efficiently.

Before you judge for the first time at a Kennel Club licensed Agility Show you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must have completed and passed an Agility Judges examination on the Kennel Club Academy prior to attending a Kennel Club Agility Judges Seminar. The exam consists of a short multiple-choice question paper based only on the materials hosted on the Kennel Club Academy.
  • You must also have attended an Agility Judges Seminar and passed the accompanying assessment. The assessment is a straightforward practical assessment of the candidate's judging practice on the same day as the seminar.

More information about training seminars is available here.

Registered Societies, individuals and other organisations wishing to run seminars on the above subjects should make direct contact with a Kennel Club accredited trainer.  A list of Kennel Club approved trainers and judges can be found in the toolbar on the right hand side of this page.

First Appointments

Many judges 'cut their teeth' by judging at club competition nights, inter-club matches or limited agility shows before judging classes at Open Agility shows. On accepting a judging appointment, agility judges are required to confirm in writing that they are qualified to judge in accordance with the Agility Regulations.

The organising Society also has an obligation to ensure that anyone invited to judge is competent to fulfil the appointment.

The Kennel Club offers a mentoring scheme for new judges, which pairs an existing Championship Judge or Accredited Trainer with new judges who will help them before, during and after the appointment. For more information, please email

Kennel Club Publications

The Kennel Club provides useful publications to assist with judging appointments that include a 'Guide for Agility Judges and Stewards', 'Judges' Guide to Agility Equipment' and the 'Guide to Calculating Agility Course Times.'

Amendments to Agility Rules and Regulations will be highlighted in The Scribe - The Kennel Club Agility Newsletter.

Progressing as an Agility Judge

After judging for a minimum of 5 years you may be asked to judge a Championship Agility class and award Agility Certificates.  Championship judging appointments must be approved by the Kennel Club Board. More information about judging a Championship Agility class can be found on the Requirements of a Championship Agility Judge page.


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