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Agility Judges’ Section

Once you have been judging for a number of years you may be asked to judge a Championship Agility class and award Agility Certificates.  Championship judging appointments must be approved by the Kennel Club Board.

'First-time' Championship judges will need to complete a Championship Judges Questionnaire to show that they:

Once the judge has been nominated by a show society, they must be assessed while judging a non-Championship class at a Kennel Club licensed show. The Kennel Club will arrange for the assessment to take place.

Organisers of Championship shows must obtain Kennel Club approval of the Championship Judges they wish to nominate for Championship Agility classes. Nominations must be received by the Kennel Club from the show society at least 9 months before the date of the show, using the official nomination form.  All first time appointments must be applied for at least 18 months before the show date using the Agility Judge's questionnaire.