Stationery orders & Club paperwork

Only club secretaries or designated administrators of Kennel Club Registered (also registered with the Good Citizen Dog Scheme) or Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme Listed Status Organisations will be authorised to receive stationery supplies.

Stationery Supplies

How to order stationery

Good Citizen Dog Scheme stationery accompanies all course levels and provides an educational and informative guide to the requirements and standards expected. A range of Scheme stationery is provided free of charge to all Kennel Club Registered Clubs or Societies or Kennel Club Approved Listed Status Clubs or Organisations.

Stationery Order Forms

Stationery comes in batches of 10 and consists of all the briefing and testing materials required to set the standards, accompany a dog training session and conduct a test. All paperwork required for a test should be obtained from the Kennel Club, through the completion of a stationery order form. Orders should be placed prior to the commencement of each new course, or at least one month prior to the test date. The order is then sent to a named representative of the Club/Organisation within 14 days, subject to availability. The organisation hosting the test should then supply the Examiner with all the required paperwork on the test day. Stationery is provided for each part of the course as follows:

Puppy Foundation Diary

Upon enrolment of a Puppy Foundation course, distribute a diary to each participant. This diary should be kept by the puppy owner and completed throughout the course by the instructor to map a puppy's progress. At the end of the course, the puppy owner keeps the dairy.

Puppy Foundation Information Sheet

On week one of a Puppy Foundation training course, this should be given out to all participants and accompanies the diary, description, canine code and Good Citizen Dog Scheme Leaflet.

Good Citizen Dog Scheme Leaflet

Used for promotional purposes as an introduction to the Scheme's Award levels. Distribute to Puppy Foundation and Bronze level participants upon enrolment as part of the pre-course information.

Description Sheets

Applicable to each participating level i.e. Puppy Foundation, Bronze, Silver and Gold). This outlines the requirements for each level of the Scheme's awards and should be given to all participants at the beginning of each course.

A description sheet of the respective level should be supplied to the Examiner prior to test day. It is also advisable to have some description sheets of the subsequent award level(s) available, to hand out on test day to all test candidates who pass. This provides further information for candidates to progress.



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