Royal Canin Partner Programme

The Good Citizen Dog Scheme has been growing steadily over the last 20 years and it has now become one of the Kennel Club’s major success stories with ‘grass routes’ responsible dog ownership at its heart.  Its main focus being responsible dog ownership and ensuring dogs are socially acceptable by way of dog training. Royal Canin has a wealth of experience within canine nutrition and the two organisations are working together to promote the educational messages to dog owners.

As part of this partnership, all stationery orders for Good Citizen Dog Scheme supplies will now include a special offer for each GCDS participant. Once the club member has a Royal Canin Account Number they can sign up online for a voucher for a free bag of Royal Canin dog food. As part of this initiative, and with support of your club members, your club will also benefit through the collection of loyalty points which can be redeemed against items of merchandise and Royal Canin Educ training aids.  If you sign up, Royal Canin will also send you a FREE box of Educ training aids (30 sachets).

All details are available within each stationery order.

It’s simple to join:

  • Complete the Royal Canin Account Number Application Form (included within each stationery order page) and include your Good Citizen Dog Scheme reference number and return your completed form to the FREEPOST address detailed on the application form or call 0845 300 5965 to set up your Royal Canin Account.
  • Royal Canin will send confirmation of your new Royal Canin Account Number.
  • Order your stationery as normal with the Good Citizen Dog Scheme team.
  • You will receive the Royal Canin FREE BAG BOOKLETS with each stationery order, ensure you write your Royal Canin Account Number inside each booklet before distributing.
  • Give the club member their FREE BAG BOOKLET.
  • The club member will sign up online via the Royal Canin website provided in the FREE BAG BOOKLET and use your Royal Canin Account Number and their details. If they don’t have access to the internet, they can still receive their voucher by post. Information on this is included in the FREE BAG BOOKLET.
  • You will receive 20 loyalty points when a new club member signs up for their voucher.
  • The voucher will be sent directly to the club member via post within 5 working days.
  • Special offer emails will be sent to the club member at important milestones of the dog’s life e.g. change of food from puppy to adult lifestage.  If the club member continues to sign up for Royal Canin offers you will receive ADDITIONAL POINTS.

We hope that this new programme will help your organisation and your club members and support our role to promote responsible dog ownership throughout the UK.

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