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Posters have been prepared to allow a space for your Club's contact name and telephone number or perhaps details of the venue used for your Club's training sessions. This information should be added to the posters before distribution. It is suggested that POSTERS and LEAFLETS are distributed to Libraries, Veterinary Surgeries, Schools, Council Offices, park notice boards, local shops and any other suitable available outlet with the dates/times of Good Citizen Dog Scheme training sessions.

Annual Awards

Nominations are now open for the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme Annual Awards 2019. The Annual Awards were created in recognition of the hard work, efforts and contribution made by clubs, local authorities and dedicated canine enthusiasts.

The Annual Awards are a way of rewarding Clubs and individuals for their commitment to the Scheme and in turn, the canine world. In promoting the Scheme’s curriculum, educational talks, poop scoop campaigns to sponsored dog walking etc..., all aspects of canine awareness are of great benefit and should be considered for a nomination. We would like to hear about all the activities that clubs and individuals have been involved in. Nominations can be from fellow club members, pupils at a training class or dog owners who have been inspired by the help and support they have received.

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Kennel Club logo's

The Kennel Club logos and Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme are the trademark and copyright property of the Kennel Club and should not be copied or duplicated. It is not permitted to use the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme logo on any website, Club documentation, merchandise or stationery. Special permission to use the logo for articles and media coverage should be requested from the GCDS office.


A separate publicity information sheet is supplied with each Good Citizen Dog Scheme administration pack, which provides the latest information and Scheme details. The Kennel Club Press Office can provide your organisation with a list of local press within your area. Please contact the Good Citizen Dog Scheme office for further details.

It is essential for the success of this Scheme that publicity is continuous through newspaper articles, distribution of posters and "word of mouth".

Public Relations

A Press Release has been prepared (available with your pack) which can be sent to the local papers with suitable pictures of your organisation's training sessions. At first it would be advisable to send this information to the papers at the commencement of each training session, and a short article providing details about your organisation could also be prepared with pictures following each test night.

Inviting Dignitaries

You could invite the Lord Mayor, local Councillors, dignitaries, celebrities, editors of local press etc. to a training session, a test night or to present the Certificates. Provided advanced publicity of these visits is given by an advertisement in the local paper, or a letter to the paper suggesting a reporter be present, this will attract the general public. It is advisable to send an article to the local paper, preferably with photographs.


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