GCDS Special Pre-Beginner Obedience Stakes Test

(1) Play With or Motivate your dog 5 points
(2) Heel on lead 10 points
(3) Examination of the Dog (handler to show judge) 15 points
(4) Recall with Finish 10 points
(5) Control at Gate Exercise 15 points
(6) Stay one minute, handler in sight 15 points
Total 70 points   

(1) Play with or Motivate your dog (handler's choice  - on or off lead) - 5 Points               

It is recommended that the Judge commences with this exercise and that it last approximately 30 seconds.

To show how a handler can motivate their dog in preparation for Obedience work. Handlers may use a toy for this exercise. Play should be under the handler’s control and if it involves articles they should be readily given up by the dog. Play should be appropriate to the dog under test but should not include play fighting. Toys should be of a suitable size and texture. Formal exercises will not be deemed as appropriate. Any form of aggression must be penalised.

(2) Heel on Lead - 10 Points

It is recommended that this exercise follows Play With or Motivate Your Dog and should last no more than one minute. This is an introduction to competitive heelwork and should be straightforward, include minimal turns and not more than two halts. A large circle is permissible in either direction, at the judge's discretion.  The handler should walk briskly and the dog should walk with its shoulder approximately level with and reasonably close to the handler's leg at all times while the handler is walking. The lead should be slack at all times.  The test will start and finish with the dog sitting at the handler's side.

(3) Examination of the dog (handler to show judge) - 15 points

The handler will show the judge how they can settle and examine their own dog. This exercise will be carried out on lead. The dog will be required to have its mouth, teeth, throat, eyes, ears and feet inspected when standing, sitting or lying down on either side or on its back.

(4) Recall with Finish - 10 Points

Recall from Sit or Down position at handler's choice. Dog to be recalled by handler when stationary and facing the dog. Dog to return smartly to the handler, sit in front, go to heel - all on command of judge or steward to handler.

(5) Control at Gate Exercise - 15 Points

Walk on lead through gate with the dog under control. Handler to start exercise with dog in the sit, down or stand position. Dog to wait while handler opens gate and walks through the gate. Handler to then recall dog through the gate on lead. Dog to then wait in stand, sit or down position, while handler secures the gate. The dog should not pull or be pulled through the doorway. Marks must be deducted for anticipation, tight lead or lack of control.

(6) Stay one minute, handler in sight (Group Exercise - off lead)

(Stand, Sit or Down Stay, handler's choice) - 15 Points

Handlers may face their dogs. Individual handlers may choose the stay position for their own dog.

TOTAL - 70 points


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