GCDS Special Pre-Beginner Obedience Stakes Criteria


To compete in this special class a handler or dog must not have won a First Prize in Pre-Beginners nor gained a third place or above in any other standard obedience class. Exhibits must have obtained a minimum of their Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme Bronze Award prior to the closing date of the show.


The exercises featured in this special class will be a combination of the Bronze Award and the Pre-Beginner class. This test will serve as an introduction to basic competitive obedience and handlers will be encouraged to motivate their dog throughout the test. Toys may be used during the Play exercise following which a handler may play with their dog briefly between exercises using their hands or voice. Handlers will not be penalised for encouragement or extra commands except during the stay exercise. Food must not be used as an incentive and must not be brought into the ring. Judges or Stewards must not use the words “last command” except in the Stay exercise.

Qualifying for the Semi Finals

Each stakes class or split class offers qualifying places to the 2 highest placed dogs. In the event of the 2 highest placed dogs being a BC/WSD an additional qualifying place will be awarded to the highest placed ABC. In the event of the 2 highest placed dogs being an ABC, an additional qualifying place will be awarded to the highest placed BC/WSD.

Breed Classification

Category A - BC/WSD will be classed as Border Collie, Working Sheepdog.

Category B - ABC will be classed as Anything But a Collie hence all breeds excluding the Border Collie, Working Sheepdog.

In the event of a dispute the judge's discretion will be final. In all instances, both qualifying dogs must have completed the test. In the event of the entry exceeding 60, the class will be split, and two qualifiers from each division of the heat will qualify for a semi final place.

Once a dog has qualified for a semi final,  further heats may be entered for competition. Although any placing in these heats will not affect the dog's eligibility for the semi final. It is most important that handlers who gain a place in a heat with a previously qualified dog inform the show secretary on the day of the show of this fact.  Hence if a dog has already qualified, the dog may be placed at future shows but the qualifying place will be awarded to the next eligible dog of that category. Please refer to breed classifications as printed above.

Rosettes (1st -10th place) and Best BC/WS and Best ABC certificates will be issued by the Kennel Club to all clubs running the heats. All heat qualifiers will receive a certificate and an invitation to the one of two semi finals.

Dogs and handlers must be eligible for entry into this class at the closing date of the show (7 day ruling applies - as per KC rules). Any subsequent wins gained by the handler or dog after this time will not alter their eligibility to compete in the final.


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