dog rehoming

Women More Likely To Abandon Their Dogs Than Their Male Counterparts
Dog owners’ lack of research before buying is resulting in tens of thousands of dogs being rehomed each year the Kennel Club warns, as new research revealed women aged between 35-44 are more likely to give their dogs away to be rehomed than their male counterparts, with some 17% of dogs being rehomed by male owners.
Abandoned Pregnant German Shepherd And Her Ten Puppies Found New Homes By Charity
Hazel, a two year old German Shepherd Dog, has finally found a new home, following a stressful four months after being abandoned heavily pregnant alongside her male companion and two puppies from her previous litter.
Former Racing Dog Overlooked For A Year Finally Finds His Forever Family
Dash, a four year old former racing Greyhound, has finally found his forever home after being overlooked for a year because of his size and boisterous personality.
Support Dogs Needing A Home With The 2015 Breed Rescue Calendar
Dog lovers can support rescue dogs by ordering the 2015 Kennel Club Breed Rescue calendar, which is now available and stars dogs from breeds that have been helped by Kennel Club Breed Rescue (KCBR) organisations.
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