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New Dog Health Research Hub To Unite Vets, Researchers And Dog Owners
An initiative which could revolutionise the way information on canine research is shared between researchers, vets and dog owners has been launched by the Kennel Club.
Two New DNA Testing Schemes For Beagles Approved
The Kennel Club has approved two new official DNA testing schemes for Factor VII deficiency (FVIID) and Imerslund-Grasbeck syndrome (IGS) in Beagles, following consultation with the Beagle Health Coordinator on behalf of the breed clubs.
Kennel Club Charitable Trust Gives Further Funding To Canine Genetic Research Project ‘Give A Dog A Genome’
The Kennel Club Charitable Trust has granted a further £25,000 to Give a Dog a Genome, the pioneering initiative from leading UK veterinary charity, the Animal Health Trust (AHT), to continue improving canine health. Read more.
Cloning cannot be used to make improvements because the technique simply produces genetic replicas of existing dogs. Read more.
Canine Eye Testing At Field And Country Fair
Owners of Kennel Club registered dogs will be able to get their dog’s eyes examined by the Animal Health Trust’s Head of Ophthalmology at the Field and Country Fair 2016. Read more.
New DNA Testing Scheme for Welsh Terriers
The Kennel Club has approved a new official DNA testing scheme for Primary Lens Luxation (PLL) in the Welsh Terrier. Read more.
International Canine Health Awards
The International Canine Health Awards are returning to celebrate some of the world’s finest researchers and scientists whose work has had a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of dogs. Learn more.
ICHA Sponsor
The founders of Metro Bank have a deep commitment to the veterinary community
Dr Cathryn Mellersh, International Award winner 2015
Dr Cathryn Mellersh, from the Animal Health Trust in Newmarket, has won one of three awards available as part of the largest and most prestigious veterinary awards in Europe for her canine genetics research. Learn more.
Hertfordshire Professor Wins International Award For Ground-breaking Work in Veterinary Neurology
Hertfordshire Professor Wins International Award For Ground-breaking Work in Veterinary Neurology. Read more.
Search Hotting Up for Breed Health Coordinator of the Year
The Kennel Club has announced the nominees for its inaugural Breed Health Coordinator of the Year competition, designed to reward the hard work and dedication of its network of health coordinators. Click to read more.
Give A Dog A Genome – First Samples Sent For Sequencing
The first eleven DNA samples of the AHT’s pioneering Give a Dog a Genome project have been sent for whole genome sequencing. Click to learn more.
Flat Coated Retriever Enthusiast Named Kennel Club Breed Health Coordinator of the Year
Liz Branscombe from Bedfordshire has been named Kennel Club Breed Health Coordinator of the Year. Click to read more.
The Kennel Club’s Breed Health and Conservation Plans project
Breeders have to balance DNA test results and resources for assessing the risk of complex health conditions while also thinking about the importance of maintaining genetic diversity. The Breed Health and Conservation Plans project was launched to help breeders make balanced breeding decisions.
Nominations Sought For Leading Canine Health Awards
Prestigious veterinary research awards offer £61,000 to researchers and scientists pushing the boundaries in the field of dog health.
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