bloodhound trials

Bloodhound Trials
Bloodhound Working Trials are open to purebred Bloodhounds only. The trials are a challenging and exciting countryside activity in which hounds follow a human scent trail over a 'line' up to three miles long. Find out more here.
Competing in Bloodhound Trials
To get started in Bloodhound Trials, your best approach is to contact one of the two breed clubs in the UK which hold trials - the Association of Bloodhound Breeders or the Bloodhound Club
Progressing in Bloodhound Trials
When you have gained more experience, you are likely to want to progress into more advanced stakes and aim for the higher awards and trophies available.
Bloodhound Trials Administration
Bloodhound Trials are run by the two Kennel Club Registered breed societies for Bloodhounds - the Bloodhound Club and the Association of Bloodhound Breeders
Bloodhounds - Hunting v Tracking
Hounds are distinguished from other breeds by their pendulous ears and by their extraordinary olfactory powers, which enable them to hunt entirely by scent
Bloodhounds - First Trial Tips
Your first trial can be a little stressful for both you and your hound. Some advance preparation and the benefit of a little 'inside information' can go a long way to making your first outing an enjoyable and rewarding experience for you both
Kennel Club Requirements for Working Trials and Bloodhound Trials
Important requirements for running Working or Bloodhound trials. All show dates must be applied for either in writing on club headed paper or by completing a Show Date Application form
Successful Bloodhound Trial Judges
The Regulations & Judging Procedure Seminar and Examination is at the centre of the Kennel Club's goal of raising standards in all aspects of dog activity
New to Bloodhound Trials?
This section contains information for those new to Bloodhound Trials, including how to get started and how to compete in Bloodhound Trials.
Already involved in Bloodhound Trials?
This section contains information for those already involved in Bloodhound Trials, including how run a trial and information for Secretaries.
Working Trial And Bloodhound Trial Regulation Changes Made By The Kennel Club
The General Committee has approved the following amendments to the Working Trials ‘I’ Regulations, which will come into effect on 1 January 2015.
Kennel Club Regulation Changes For Breed Show And Working Dog Activities Schedules And Catalogues
The Kennel Club has made changes to its regulations on the submission of schedules and catalogues for breed shows, agility, obedience, heelwork to music, working trials, bloodhound trials and rally.
Changes to Bloodhound Trials Regulations
The Kennel Club has recently approved a change to the regulations for Bloodhound trials. Read more.
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