Working Trials

Working Trial Judges' Section
Judges at Kennel Club licensed Working Trials are expected to maintain and abide by the highest standards, adhering to Kennel Club regulations and the judges' Code of Best Practice.
Training seminars for Working Trial Judges
All judges must be fully conversant with the Kennel Club Working Trial (I) Regulations. A very effective way to achieve this is by attending a Kennel Club Working Trial Regulations and Judging Procedure seminar.
Kennel Club Working Trial Accredited Trainers & Presenters
Kennel Club Working Trials Regulations and Judging Procedure Seminars provide participants with a comprehensive introduction to the Working Trials Regulations and also discuss judging procedure and etiquette.
Requirements of a Working Trial Judge
Judges are invited by the society which is staging a Working Trial (it is not acceptable for judges to solicit for appointments). Before inviting a judge, the society must be satisfied that the judge is suitably qualified
Working Trial Awards
Those who compete in Working Trials can now apply to add their dog's 'Excellent' awards in CD, UD and WD stakes to their dog's Kennel Club registration record.
Working Trials
Working Trials are a competitive sport based on the civilian equivalent of police dog work.
Competing in Working Trials
Training your dog for Working Trials is rewarding in itself, but it is at a trial that you discover how well your training is progressing
Previous Working Trials Championship Winners
Winners of the Kennel Club Working Trials Championships
Working Trials Administration
Working Trials are licensed by the Kennel Club and run by registered clubs and societies. Before running a Championship Working Trial, at which Working Trial Certificates
Kennel Club Requirements for Working Trials and Bloodhound Trials
Important requirements for running Working or Bloodhound trials. All show dates must be applied for either in writing on club headed paper or by completing a Show Date Application form
Working Trial Specimen Schedules
The Working Trials Regulations specify that trials must issue a schedule which conforms to the current 'specimen schedule' issued by the Kennel Club
Working Trials Liaison Council
The Council acts as a channel of communication between the Kennel Club and those who compete in, judge and organise Working Trials and Bloodhound Trials.
Working Trial FAQs
a selection of enquiries received at the Kennel Club about the details of the Working Trials Regulations and practices
Running a Working Trial Society
Societies and Clubs responsible for running trials and for providing structured training.
New to Working Trials?
This section contains information for those new to Working Trials, including how to get started and how to compete in Working Trials
Already involved in Working Trials?
This section contains information for those already involved in Working Trials, including how run a trial and information for Secretaries.
Working Trials Liaison Council Representatives
Working Trials Liaison Council Representatives
Results Of Kennel Club Working Trials Championship
Midlands Border Collie Club hosted the popular Kennel Club Working Trial Championship at Scalford Hall, Leicestershire, from Thursday 17th to Saturday 19th October, with the event kindly sponsored by Arden Grange.
Working Trial And Bloodhound Trial Regulation Changes Made By The Kennel Club
The General Committee has approved the following amendments to the Working Trials ‘I’ Regulations, which will come into effect on 1 January 2015.
Kennel Club Regulation Changes For Breed Show And Working Dog Activities Schedules And Catalogues
The Kennel Club has made changes to its regulations on the submission of schedules and catalogues for breed shows, agility, obedience, heelwork to music, working trials, bloodhound trials and rally.
Results Of Kennel Club Working Trials Championships
A seven year old Working Sheepdog has won the Patrol Dog Stake for the second year running at the Kennel Club Working Trials Championships. Click to read more.
Changes to Kennel Club working trials regulations
The Kennel Club has recently approved a number of changes to the regulations for working trials.
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