Why and how to register your dogs with the Kennel Club. We register +250,000 pedigree dogs and crossbreed dogs every year: registration is open to ALL dogs and breeds
Breed Register (Pedigree)
Breed Register for pedigree dogs
Activity Register
The Kennel Club's Activity Register is open to all dogs, both pedigree and crossbreed. The owner of a dog can apply for this registration.
Petlog Record (adding microchip record to database)
The Kennel Club believes that microchipping makes a clear link between a dog and its owner. Over 100,000 dogs either stray, are lost or stolen each year with many having to be kept in kennels before being re-homed
Changing the Kennel Club registered ownership of your dog
Find out how to change the Kennel Club registered ownership of your dog and the benefits of being on our database.
Activity Register FAQs
Activity Register FAQs
Registration fees
A full list of our registration fees and how they help us pursue our work in promoting dogs and dog health.
Breed registration statistics
The Kennel Club publishes information on dog registrations received on a quarterly and yearly basis.
Breed records supplement
The Kennel Club Breed Records Supplement (to the Stud Book) is a quarterly publication where all registration related applications are shown
Kennel Names
A Kennel Name is an exclusive word that is associated with you and your dogs. Find out more and apply for one now.
Registering your pedigree dog litter
Benefits of and how to register a litter of pedigree puppies.
Additional services available during Litter Registration
There are set requirements that Assured Breeders must agree to follow, which encourage the breeding of healthy, well-adjusted puppies.
Import FAQs
How do I register my imported dog in the UK?
French Bulldogs Set To Overtake Labradors As UK’s Most Popular Dog Breed
The Kennel Club issues welfare warning as people buying French Bulldogs on a whim cause numbers to soar. Read more.
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