Pedigree Dog

Getting a dog
Tips and advice to make the best decision before you buy a dog to see if you’re ready: how to find the right dog, the right breeder and get general dog caring advice
Britain's newest pedigree dog breed revealed
The Black and Tan Coonhound, so named because it was originally bred to ‘trail and tree’ racoons, will become the 221st pedigree dog breed in the UK this July when it becomes recognised by the Kennel Club, the UK’s registry body for pedigree dogs.
Fundraising for the Charitable Trust
You can do anything to raise money and help us make a difference for dogs. From holding office bake sales to taking the plunge sky diving, the list is endless.
Old English Sheepdog reaches historic low and risks extinction
One of Britain’s most iconic dog breeds, the Old English Sheepdog, will enter the Kennel Club’s list of breeds that could face extinction, for the first ever time, if the current low rate of puppy registrations continues.
Britain's top dogs: Old favourites rise and fall while continental cousins skyrocket
The shape of Britain’s favourite dogs is shifting as breeds from across the continent are dramatically rising in popularity, whilst native British breeds are rapidly declining, with some so unpopular that they could be at risk of disappearing from our streets and parks.
What is a pedigree dog?
A pedigree dog has two parents of the same breed and their family tree (their pedigree) is recorded by a registration body, such as us.
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