Microchip Database Supports Puppy Awareness Week
During Puppy Awareness Week, which takes place this week (7th – 15th September), Petlog is reminding all potential puppy buyers to meet new puppies in their breeding environment before making the decision to buy one.
Why Ricky Gervais And 100,000 Others Are Right To Want Pet Shop Pup Ban
The true cost of buying a puppy is soaring, with one in five bought from pet shops contracting a potentially deadly disease within six months, as more and more people are getting their puppies from pet shops, the internet and free newspaper ads, all outlets often used by puppy farmers.
One the three inadvertently buy from puppy farms on impulse
New research shows consequences of impulsive UK puppy buying habits as charity urges public to #PAWs4thought this Puppy Awareness Week
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