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Our Resources
Find out about the KC dog charity, our dog picture library, publications and the latest campaigns aimed at promoting dog health and welfare in the UK and abroad
The Library
The Kennel Club Library is Europe's biggest dog library. We are happy to welcome visitors and help you with your dog research.
Tours of the Kennel Club
Join a free guided tour of the Kennel Club. For further information please contact the Art Gallery. Our contact details can be found below.
Kennel Club Campaigns
In our duty to ensure that dogs are healthy and happy, the Kennel Club has a responsibility to lobby against legislation which could negatively impact on dogs and their owners.
Facts and figures
The Kennel Club was founded in 1873 and is the governing body of dogs in the United Kingdom. Its main objectives are to promote in every way, the general improvement of dogs and encourage responsible dog ownership
Kennel Club in the news
The Kennel Club Press Office secures lots of positive press coverage across radio, television, online, and print publications.
Treasures of the Kennel Club
Featured paintings, sculptures, books, and models from the Kennel Club's magnificent collection.
Our partners
Agria are official providers of the Kennel Club Pet Insurance Scheme
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