Kennel Club Art Gallery

Last Chance To See Europe’s Largest Canine Art Gallery And Library
With the largest dog library and collection of dog paintings in Europe and a history that spans more than 140 years, the Kennel Club can rival London’s most popular museums and is offering free tours to all dog lovers.
English Toy Spaniels: The Cavalier And King Charles Spaniel In Art
The Kennel Club Art Gallery has announced the opening of its latest exhibition, which features two of the UK’s most popular and well-loved breeds: the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and King Charles Spaniel.
Scruffts Winner Wylie Launches Book At The Kennel Club
Winner of the Kennel Club’s Scruffts 2014 competition, Wylie, launched a book at the Kennel Club Art Gallery today (11 September), about his remarkable journey from a life afflicted by cruelty in Afghanistan, to becoming an award winning and much loved dog.
New Date Added for The History of the Labrador Retriever Lecture
Due to popular demand, esteemed breed historian Richard Edwards will be giving an additional lecture on ‘The History of the Labrador Retriever’ at the Kennel Club on 21st June. Read more.
Canine Trailblazers: Dogs in Exploration Opens at Kennel Club Gallery
A new exhibition celebrating the dogs involved in some of the most famous explorations of the last three centuries will open at the Kennel Club Gallery on Friday 2nd September. Read more.
Arctic Explorer to Give Talk at Kennel Club as Part of Canine Trailblazers Exhibition
Geoff Somers, one of the world’s most accomplished Polar travellers, will be visiting the Kennel Club on 22nd November to share tales of his adventures. Click to learn more.
Author and Irish Terrier Enthusiast Lucy Jackson Presents Arabella Dorman Portrait to the Kennel Club
Author and illustrator Lucy Jackson presented the Kennel Club with a portrait of an Irish Terrier, painted by internationally renowned portrait painter and war artist Arabella Dorman. Click to read more.
Kennel Club Announces New Dates for Tours of Library, Gallery and More
The Kennel Club has announced two new dates for tours of its London building; Wednesday 26th April and Wednesday 19th July. Read more.
Kennel Club Hosts Talk with Pamela Jeans-Brown to Complement 'Magnificent Molossers' Art Exhibition
On Wednesday 5th July, Bullmastiff breeder and show judge Pamela Jeans-Brown will give a talk at the Kennel Club to accompany the current exhibition in the art gallery, ‘Magnificent Molossers’. Learn more.
'Treasures of the Far East' Exhibition to Open at Kennel Club Art Gallery 14th September
An exotic new exhibition of art focusing on dog breeds from East Asia, will open at the Kennel Club Art Gallery on Wednesday 14th September.
New talk announced and dates extended for 'Significant Women' exhibition at Kennel Club Art Gallery
The Kennel Club has announced that due to popular demand, the ‘Significant Women, who have made a difference for dogs’ exhibition in the Kennel Club Art Gallery in London, will now remain open until Friday 27th July.
Thomas Fall photography exhibition to open at the Kennel Club art gallery
‘Promoting the Pedigree through Photography: Thomas Fall exhibition to open on 12th September
Kennel Club offers tours of London headquarters
The Kennel Club is opening its doors to the public and offering guided tours of its art gallery and the world’s largest canine library based at its London headquarters.
Collection of unique artwork to be displayed at the Kennel Club Art Gallery
A new exhibition is set to be unveiled at the Kennel Club Art Gallery, showcasing the extensive collection of artworks and artefacts that have been collated by the Kennel Club throughout the years.
Capsule exhibition dedicated to contemporary artist opens at the Kennel Club Art Gallery
A capsule exhibition by contemporary artist Amelia Siddle will open this week, at the Kennel Club Art Gallery on 16th May.
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