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Judges and judging show regulation FAQs
We hope these FAQs will help to resolve some of the common queries that are asked about dog showing which we receive from Judges.
Judging Policy Changed By Kennel Club To Benefit Show Societies
The Kennel Club has altered its policy regarding the maximum number of breeds that should be judged by one person in one day.
Change In Policy For Judges Awarding Challenge Certificates In Second And Third Breeds
The Kennel Club General Committee has announced a change in policy for judges who are approved to award CCs in one breed and go on to award them in a second and third breed.
Replacement Judge For Japanese Chins At Crufts 2016
For Crufts 2016, there has been a change of judge for Japanese Chins. Read more.
Ineligible Judges and Amendments to Show Schedules
The Kennel Club wishes to clarify the procedure and options available to a society if a judge is ineligible to judge the number of classes scheduled for a breed. Read more.
B List Exemptions: Inviting Societies Reminded of BIS and Policy Judges and JDP Credit Judges
The Kennel Club wishes to remind inviting societies of the existence of its previously published ‘Best in Show and Policy judge statement’. Read more.
Kennel Club Relaxes More Regulations for the Benefit of Shows and Exhibitors
Kennel Club show regulations are to be relaxed to allow those judges not on the B list to judge up to four classes of a breed at open shows, with a proviso. Click to learn more.
Replacement Judge For Irish Terriers At Crufts 2017
There has been a change of judge for Irish Terriers at Crufts 2017. Learn more.
Replacement Judges for Golden Retriever Bitches and Maltese at Crufts 2017
There has been a change of judge for both Golden Retriever bitches and Maltese at Crufts 2017. Read more.
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