Information Guides

Information guides
We have developed a collection of FREE downloadable Information Guides for prospective and existing dog owners on dog health, breeds, moving house, travelling ...
"Dangerous Dogs": Deal with the Deed, Not the Breed
The Kennel Club is campaigning for the overhaul of existing dangerous dogs legislation.
Information For Those Wishing To Object To Breed Specific Legislation
If you wish to write to politicians about breed specific legislation then these facts may be of use: Genetics and Behaviour Genetics (breed) plays only a part in the temperament of an individual dog
Vet bundle of handy guides now available on the Kennel Club Shop
The Kennel Club has developed a collection of Information Guides for prospective and existing dog owners. To help veterinary practices decide which guides are the most relevant and suitable for dog owners, we have created three bundles of guides covering key topics. Read more.
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