Dog Showing News

Ringcraft classes
Ringcraft clubs are usually very sociable, where groups of like-minded people meet on a regular basis and get great enjoyment from training their dogs.
Classifications of Dog Shows
There are a number of categories and grades of dog shows, and the jargon that is used to describe them can be somewhat bewildering for anyone new to dog showing.
Entering a dog show
How to enter a dog show. Once you have decided which show you would like to take part in you will need to contact the secretary of the show and obtain a copy of the schedule.
New to Dog Showing?
This section contains information for those new to Dog Showing, including how to get started and how to compete in Dog Showing.
Already involved in Dog Showing?
This section contains information for those already involved in Dog Showing, including how to run clubs and shows and information for Secretaries.
'Have a Go’ dog shows, offering advice to newcomers, to be held throughout 2019
Have you ever watched Crufts on television and dreamed of showing your dog but didn’t know how to go about it? Maybe you recently bought a dog and are curious about dog showing? Or perhaps you don’t even own a dog at present but are interested in seeing what dogs shows are all about?
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