Dog Law

Kennel Club Welcomes New Law To Tackle Irresponsible Dog Owners
The Kennel Club has welcomed the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act (2014), which gives new powers to local authorities and the police to deal with irresponsible dog owners, but it has concerns that it leaves responsible owners open to being unjustly penalised by potentially over-zealous local authorities.
Law On Annual Registration Of Dogs Would Be Ineffective Says Kennel Club
Proposed legislation which would make the annual registration of all dogs a legal requirement is likely to be ineffective, the Kennel Club has warned. A Ten Minute Rule Bill on the issue is set to receive its second reading debate in parliament tomorrow (9 January).
Experts Plan Strategy For The Future Of ‘Dangerous’ Dogs
A meeting of dangerous dogs experts, led by the UK’s largest dog welfare organisation, the Kennel Club, has laid the groundwork for an agreed strategy for reducing dog bite incidents in the UK.
Changes to breeding regulations in England
As of October 2018 new breeding regulations are being introduced in England by Defra and the Kennel Club is providing information to its customers on how some of these changes will effect dog breeders and some of those involved with dogs.
Kennel Club welcomes tougher laws on puppy sales in Scotland
Following an announcement by the Scottish Government that there will be a consultation about modernising the licensing regime for dog breeders (announced Friday 7 September 2018), the Kennel Club has issued the following statement.
Dog breeding across the UK
Dog breeding across the UK
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