Buying a Puppy

Are you ready for a dog?
Before looking to buy a dog, make sure you are ready. From expenses to grooming, training and general care, getting a puppy is a lifelong commitment.
Getting a dog
Tips and advice to make the best decision before you buy a dog to see if you’re ready: how to find the right dog, the right breeder and get general dog caring advice
Choosing the right dog: key considerations to find the best mutt for you
Key things to consider when buying a dog or puppy - pedigree and crossbreed
People More Likely to Buy a Puppy on Impulse than a New Pair of Shoes
A dog may be for life, but many people spend more time choosing a pair of shoes or their weekly supermarket shop than they do a puppy and with devastating consequences, as pups are more likely to get ill and their owners suffer financial and emotional hardship if chosen hastily, as people fall victim to puppy scams.
Visit the breeder
Your experience of visiting the breeder of your puppy should be a happy and positive one. Here is some information to help guide you through what to expect from your visit, and what warning signs you should walk away from.
Puppy Welfare Crisis: One in three pups bought online gets sick or dies in first year
Instant gratification culture is putting puppy welfare at risk as more than one million pups are bought before they’ve even been seen by the buyer and half a million are ‘online deliveries’
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