Bark and Read

Bark and Read
The Bark & Read Foundation has been set up to support and promote the amazing work of charities that take dogs into schools as reading volunteers to help tackle the UK’s literacy problems
Bark and Read - Why
Research shows that children can be nervous and stressed when reading to others in a group. Overcoming this fear and fostering a love of reading is the first step on the way to improving literacy
Bark and Read - Who
The Kennel Club Charitable Trust is a dedicated dog charity which looks after the health and welfare of all dogs by funding a wide variety of work
I found the whole experience absolutely amazing. These little ones who all had complex needs, one way or another, really blossomed over the seven weeks of our visits.
Case Studies: Abbie and Spike
Abbie, aged 7, from Brighlingsea Junior School, has benefited from the help of Pets As Therapy dog, Spike. Spike belongs to the school's headteacher
B.U.D Programme Joins Kennel Club’s Bark And Read Foundation To Help Pupils With Low Self-Esteem
The Kennel Club Charitable Trust has welcomed the B.U.D Programme (Building Understanding of Dogs) to its Bark and Read Foundation.
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