Agility Judges

Agility Judges’ Section
Judges at Kennel Club licensed Agility shows are expected to maintain and abide by the highest standards, adhering to Kennel Club regulations and the judges' Code of Best Practice.
Requirements of an Agility Judge
There are only two specific criteria to meet before you can judge for the first time at a Kennel Club licensed Agility Show: You must have attended a Kennel Club Agility Regulations and Judging Procedure Seminar and passed the Regulations and Judging Procedure examination
Training seminars for Agility Judges
All judges must be fully conversant with the Kennel Club Agility and Flyball (H) Regulations. A very effective way to achieve this is by attending a Kennel Club Agility Regulations and Judging Procedure seminar.
Requirements of a Championship Agility Judge
Once you have been judging for a number of years you may be asked to judge a Championship Agility class and award Agility Certificates. Championship judging appointments must be approved by the Kennel Club General Committee.
Reminder on Agility Judging Procedures
The Kennel Club has issued a reminder on the procedures that agility judges should follow when they judge at Kennel Club licensed events.
Accredited Trainers sought for judges of agility
The Kennel Club is seeking to recruit Accredited Trainers for judges of agility, in order to meet the demands of Britain’s largest canine activity.
Kennel Club offers FCI agility judges seminar
The Kennel Club is offering a unique opportunity to attend an FCI agility judges seminar in November 2018.
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