Agility News

How to register an Agility Club
All agility groups and clubs are invited to apply to become Kennel Club Registered Societies
Agility Measuring
All dogs must be measured by official agility measurers before they compete at their first Agility show.
Agility at Olympia
One of the most important 'showcase' events for agility in the UK takes place every December at Olympia's London International Horse Show
Agility FCI World Championships
The Kennel Club has announced the appointment of Mark Laker as the new international dog agility team manager, who will manage the teams for both the European Open Agility Championships and the FCI World Agility Championships.
European Open Agility Championships
The European Open Agility Championships are taking place in Kristianstad, Sweden between 27 - 29 July 2012
How to Progress in Agility
The current agility grading structure and class eligibility came into effect on 1 January 2007 following extensive consultation with agility competitors and societies
New to Agility: Getting Started in Agility Training
Agility is action-packed, rollercoaster excitement for you and your dog. Comprising various obstacles for your dog (not you!) to run through, jump over, and weave in and out of - and all against the clock!
Agility at Discover Dogs
Handlers and dogs can qualify to take part in these prestigious finals by gaining points at qualifying heats held at Agility shows across the country
Agility Course Obstacles
An Agility Show will have a series of obstacles laid out in a large ring. The Kennel Club allows a combination of 16 obstacles to be used on an Agility course.
Competing in Agility
All dogs must be over 18 months of age and fit to take part when entering a competition, as it is such a physical sport and so much training is necessary before a dog can compete.
Progressing in Agility - FAQs
Progressing in Agility - FAQs Progression can be on points. Who is checking that I've got the right number of points to be in the class that I am?
Docked Dogs in Agility - DEFRA Declaration
Defra has clarified that dogs with docked tails may take part in all agility trials in England and Wales, including those where the public have paid for admission
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