Spectator Dog Entry Acceptance booklet

Spectator dog book cover
This product is currently out of stock. No dog, other than one officially entered, may be taken to an event licensed by The Kennel Club, except any dog registered to assist the disabled, or dogs required for educational or instructional purposes or by permission of The Kennel Club. However, at the discretion of the show society, a dog brought to the show by a spectator may be admitted into the precincts of the dog show, with the proviso that those in charge of the dog sign a declaration confirming the dog is free from disease and that the dog will be kept under proper control at all times.

What's included

  • This book provides the facility and required information for the dog’s handler to agree to ensure the dog is kept under proper control, is free from infectious and contagious disease and the owner agrees to clear up after the dog
  • The book is in duplicate, so a copy of the signed declaration may be given to the spectator and a copy kept for the club’s records


  • Please allow 10 working days