Eye for a Dog assessment - Tuesday 26 April 2022

Eye for a Dog assessment being held on Tuesday 26 April 2022 at Kennel Club Building, Stoneleigh Park CV8 2LZ. A key component of the Judges Education Programme is the ‘Eye for a Dog’ assessment for judges wishing to progress to award CCs in subsequent breeds. Judges that award CCs or are approved to award CCs in three or more breeds (variety breeds excluded) are eligible to undertake this assessment. Please note that candidates who have previously been unsuccessful in passing this assessment are eligible to attend.

Further information

  • The purpose of the assessment is to assess the candidate’s ability to recognise salient points of construction and movement in a non-breed specific way, from a selection of seven dogs across all the groups with various sizes and coat types. In addition, the candidate’s approach and professionalism to assessing the breeds will be taken into consideration for marking purposes
  • We will send final details the week before the assessment via email.
  • The decision of the assessors and observer is final
  • Candidates will not be advised of their results prior to the issue of the formal correspondence
  • No individual pass mark will be issued to candidates – only a notification as to whether the candidate passed or failed the assessment
  • Feedback will be provided for unsuccessful candidates. This will be drawn from the scores provided by the observer and assessors
  • For queries relating to eligibility please contact the Breed Shows Team (The Kennel Club)