Kennel Club listed status application - additional discipline

Dog running through a tunnel at an agility show
If you are an existing listed status club (for the Good Citizen Dog Scheme, agility, canicross, obedience, rally or heelwork to music) and wish to add another activity to your record then you are eligible for the new fee of just £15. Clubs wishing to take up this offer will still need to provide the same references that are currently required for any clubs applying for listed status.
Payment Methods


  • Your club will be associated with The Kennel Club brand
  • Publicity through The Kennel Club's database, enquiries and website
  • Minimal club administration i.e. no need to submit annual accounts, list of club members, or have a committee structure

How to apply

All applications must include supporting references:

Experience reference

A minimum of three years’ experience is required. This reference must include:
  • details of the applicant’s training abilities
  • how long they have been training dogs for and in what areas
  • how long they have been involved with the scheme and at what level
  • details of how long the applicant has been known to their referee
  • details of their abilities in instructing others towards the scheme’s standards

Premises reference

The second letter must be submitted by a local dog warden/environmental health officer to confirm the safety and suitability of the premises/ground(s) being used for the purposes of dog training. The main training premises used, whether indoor or outdoor, must be fully enclosed, and have a suitable surface to train on. Clubs must have their own third party liability insurance and provide facilities for first aid. Details confirming this must be included in the reference and on the application form.


  • We aim to process your application within 28 days, however, please note that failure to accurately complete this application form may result in delays
  • Your privacy is very important. We retain your data in accordance with our privacy notice