Screening Schemes

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BAER Programme
BVA/KC Elbow Dysplasia Scheme
BVA/KC Hip Dysplasia Scheme
BVA/KC/ISDS Eye Scheme
BVA/KC/ISDS Gonioscopy
BVA/KC/ISDS Non schedule A Eye Scheme
BVA/KC/ISDS Non Schedule A Eye Scheme - Gonio
DNA (linkage) test – Cerebellar Ataxia
DNA test - AMPNAlaskan Malamute Polyneuropathy
DNA test - AMSAcral Mutilation Syndrome
DNA test - AONAdult Onset Neuropathy
DNA test - CACerebellar Ataxia
DNA test - CC/DECurly Coat/ Dry Eye
DNA test - CEA/CHCollie eye anomaly / Choroidal hypoplasia
DNA test - CHGCongenital Hypothyroidism with Goiter
DNA test - CLCeroid lipofuscinosis
DNA test - CLADCanine leucocyte adhesion deficiency
DNA test - CNMCentronuclear Myopathy
DNA test - Cobalamin Malabsorption
DNA test - COMMD1Copper Toxicosis
DNA test - Cone Degeneration
DNA test - CSNBCongenital stationary night blindness
DNA test - CUCystinuria
DNA test - DCMDilated Cardiomyopathy
DNA test - DEDegenerative Encephalopathy
DNA test - DMDegenerative Myelopathy
DNA test - EFEpisodic Falling
DNA test - EICExercise Induced collapse
DNA test - ENMHereditary Necrotising Myelopathy
DNA test - FNFamilial nephropathy
DNA test - Fuco.Fucosidosis
DNA test - FVIIDFactor VII Deficiency
DNA test - FVIIIDHaemophilia A/Factor VIII Deficiency
DNA test - GM1Gangliosidosis
DNA test - GNGreyhound Neuropathy
DNA test - Goniosevere goniodysgenesis and glaucoma risk
DNA test - GPRA (pra4)Generalised Progressive Retinal Atrophy
DNA test - GR_PRA1Golden Retriever Progressive Retinal Atrophy 1
DNA test - GR_PRA2Golden Retriever Progressive Retinal Atrophy 2
DNA test - GSDIIGlycogen Storage Disease Type II (Pompe's Disease)
DNA test - HC-1Hereditary cataract - 1
DNA test - HCAHereditary Cerebellar Ataxia
DNA test - HC-HSF4Hereditary Cataracts
DNA test - HFHHereditary Footpad Hyperkeratosis
DNA test - HNPKHereditary Nasal Parakeratosis
DNA test - HUUHyperuricosuria
DNA test - ICT-AIchthyosis
DNA test - IGSImerslun-Gräsbeck Syndrome/Cobalamin Malabsorption
DNA test - IMGDInherited Myopathy of Great Danes
DNA test - JEJuvenile Epilepsy
DNA test - JHCJuvenile hereditary cataract
DNA test - JLPPJuvenile Laryngeal Paralysis & Polyneuropathy
DNA test - JMEJuvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy
DNA test - L-2HGAL-2-hydroxyglutaric aciduria
DNA test - Lafora's
DNA test - LOALate Onset Ataxia
DNA test - LPN1Leonberger Polyneuropathy
DNA test - LSDLysosomal Storage Disease
DNA test - MACMycobacterium Avium Complex
DNA test - MDR1Multiple Drug Sensitivity
DNA test - MLSMusladin-Leuke Syndrome
DNA test - MPSIIIBMucopolysaccharidosis Type IIIB
DNA test - NADNeuroaxonal Dystrophy
DNA test - NCCDNeonatal Cerebellar Cortical Degeneration
DNA test - NCLNeruronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis
DNA test - OCosteochondrodysplasia
DNA test - Pap-PRA1Progressive Retinal Atrophy (Papillons)
DNA test - PCDPrimary Ciliary Syskinesia
DNA test - PDP-1Pyruvate dehydrogenase phosphate 1 deficiency
DNA test - PFKPhosphofructokinase Deficiency
DNA test - PHPTPrimary HyperParathyroidism
DNA test - PLLPrimary Lens Luxation
DNA test - POAGPrimary Open Angel Glaucoma
DNA test - PRA (cord1)Progressive retinal atrophy - cord-1
DNA test - PRA (crd3)Progressive retinal atrophy - crd3
DNA test - PRA (rcd1)Progressive retinal atrophy - rcd1
DNA test - PRA (rcd2)Progressive retinal atrophy - rcd2
DNA test - PRA (rcd3)Progressive retinal atrophy - rcd3
DNA test - PRA (rcd4)Progressive Retinal Atrophy
DNA test - PRA3
DNA test - prcd-PRAProgressive rod cone degeneration - Progressive retinal atrophy
DNA test - Retinopathy
DNA test - SCASpinocerebellar Ataxia
DNA test - SD2Skeletal Dysplasia 2
DNA test - SLEMSpongiform LeucoEncephaloMyelopathy
DNA test - SNSensory Neuropathy
DNA test - TNSTrapped neutrophil syndrome
DNA test - vWDVon Willebrand Disease
ECVO Eye Examination
Eye testing
Participation in French Bulldog Health Scheme
Pectinate Ligament Abnormality (PLA)
Refer to inbreeding coefficient calculators
USD Health Programme

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