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Many clubs offer seminars or training sessions on different aspects of the health and welfare of a breed or dogs in general , or how to judge or steward.

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Training and education aimed at both Judges and Agility competition organisers and competitors who wish learn the science behind the sport.

Breed Shows

The most popular form of canine competition in this country is the dog show - the contest for Kennel Club registered pure-bred dogs, such as those seen at Crufts.

Breed Specific

Education and training regarding a specific breed; can including Judges training and seminars on breed health.

Canine Behaviour

Find out more about canine behaviour.

Dog Welfare

Education and training tailored specifically at improving the welfare of dogs.

Event Management

Training for club officials who have a role to play in organizing shows and events.


Some breeds have specific grooming requirements. Find clubs that provide seminars and other educational events that can teach you how to get your look to reach its potential.


Seminars that look at the health of a breed or group of breeds.


Training for Judges including Kennel Club Mandatory seminars like Conformation and Movement and the Requirements of a Show Judge.

Junior Handling

Seminars and educational events aimed at younger exhibitors who wish to improve their handling skills in the show ring.

Kennel Club Rules and Regulations

Seminars held for each discipline regarding the relevant rules and regulations as set by the Kennel Club.


Training and education aimed at both Judges and Obedience competition organisers and competitors who wish to learn the science behind the sport.


Training for first time stewards current stewards to help them abide by the Kennel Club Best Practice for Ring Stewarding.

Training for Trainers

Training and education designed specifically for those who train other trainers and instructors.

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