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Great Swiss Mountain Dog


Illustration of Great Swiss Mountain Dog

As the name suggests, the Great Swiss Mountain dog is the largest of the Swiss herding breeds and the heaviest in build. He shares the same origins as the Bernese and carries the typical tricolour markings but he has a short dense coat and is perhaps a little heavier in head.

The breed was used for herding cattle, as a guard dog and as a carting dog. Often working in pairs, the Great Swiss Mountain Dog was used for pulling milk carts to the cheese factories and taking the cheeses to market.

The Working Breed Group

Over the centuries these dogs were selectively bred to become guards and search and rescue dogs. Arguably, the working group consists of some of the most heroic canines in the world, aiding humans in many walks of life, including the Boxer, Great Dane and St. Bernard. This group consists of the real specialists in their field who excel in their line of work.

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