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Bergamasco (Imp)


Illustration of Bergamasco (Imp)

This ancient breed of sheepdog originates from the Italian Alpine region and takes its name from the town of Bergamo. Its distinguishing feature is its heavy coat which forms naturally into mats.

The matted coat gives insulation from the extremes of climate they have to endure in the heights of the Alpine pastures. The Bergamasco is an instinctive herder and is used both as flock herd and flock guard.

The Pastoral Breed Group

The Pastoral Group consists of herding dogs that are associated with working cattle, sheep, reindeer and other cloven footed animals.

Usually this type of dog has a weatherproof double coat to protect it from the elements when working in severe conditions. Breeds such as the Collie family, Old English Sheepdogs and Samoyeds who have been herding reindeer for centuries are but a few included in this group.

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