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French Bulldog

Current Registration Colours

When searching for any puppy of a pedigree breed it is very important that you read the Breed Standard so that you are aware of the ideal picture of the breed. The only correct colours as listed in the French Bulldog Breed Standard are: brindle; fawn; and pied.

Brindle is a colour pattern caused by a mixture of black hairs and fawn hairs. White markings permitted provided that brindle predominates. Eye rims, eyelashes and lips black.

Fawn must be clear, self-coloured fawn with or without a black mask. White markings permitted, provided that fawn predominates. Cream and red shades less desirable. Eye rims, eyelashes and lips black.

Pied can be brindle pied or fawn pied. Brindle pied: white predominates with brindle patches (the brindle as defined above). Fawn Pied: white predominates with fawn patches.

Whites are classified with pieds for show purposes.

In pieds, eye rims, eyelashes and lips should preferably be black.

Any white in the above colours should be clear with no ticking or spots.

Highly undesirable colours as listed in the Breed Standard are all colours other than those listed above, including solid black, black and white, black and tan, mouse, grey/blue, liver/chocolate and all patterns of these colours. If a dog possesses a feature, characteristic or colour described as undesirable or highly undesirable it is strongly recommended that it should not be rewarded in the show ring. If you think you might be interested in showing your puppy, or you wish to maintain the colours which are considered by serious breed enthusiasts and the Kennel Club to be the correct ones, you will need to ensure you buy only a puppy of one of the correct colours listed here.

Brindle & White
Colour Not Recognised By KC
Dark Brindle
Fawn & White
Fawn Pied
Fawn With Black Mask
Light Brindle

Colour Not Recognised in the list above indicates that a colour is not correct as regards the Breed Standard for the breed. The Breed Standard describes the desired colours in the breed, and while other colours may exist, these are considered undesirable in this breed. Undesirable colours may have occurred due to out crossing, or should be avoided if they are known to indicate conditions which can be detrimental to health. It should be noted however that where a colour is known to be detrimental to health the Kennel Club will refuse registration.

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