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This spitz breed with its distinctive grey coat and typical harness markings, was used to guard barges in Holland and earned the epithet ‘Dutch Barge Dog’. The breed had been the mascot of the Dutch Patriots' Party in the 18th Century, as a dog of this breed was owned by one of the prominent party leaders Cornelius (‘Kees’) de Gyselaer – hence it was known as Kees' dog – or Keeshond. When the party was defeated in 1787 the breed went out of fashion and the population declined dramatically. A few breeders made concerted efforts using the best of the remaining dogs to revive the breed and, fortunately, interest in the breed was restored. The first Keeshonds were imported to the UK in 1905 and the first Breed Club formed in 1925. The breed became very popular and successful in shows of this era. The enthusiasm of English breeders rekindled more interest in the Keeshond in its native land and by 1933 the breed was recognised by the Dutch Kennel Club and today is recognised as the national dog of Holland.

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Keeshond DNA screening

DNA Screening scheme results for Keeshond

Breeds Liaison Council Representatives- Utility

Breeds Liaison Council Representatives- Utility

Utility Breed Education Co-ordinators

Utility Breed Education Co-ordinators

DNA screening for breeds H - O

Breeds H - O DNA screening

Ten Finalists Chosen For Crufts Junior Warrant Final

The Junior Warrant Winner of the Year competition semi-finals took place this weekend at Discover Dogs, with 53 top young dogs competing for just ten places in the final, which will be held at Crufts 2015.

Miniature Smooth-Haired Dachshund Wins Junior Warrant Competition At Crufts

A Miniature Smooth-Haired Dachshund owned by Sue Ergis has won the Junior Warrant Winner of the Year competition final at Crufts 2016. Read more.

Further JCF breed appreciation days announced

The Kennel Club has announced further JCF-compliant breed appreciation days at which candidates will be able to take a multiple-choice exam on the breed standard, if they so wish.

Crufts 2019 Birmingham Photocall

From the three new breeds competing at Crufts for the first time this year, to the least entered, most entered and one of the most vulnerable breeds at the show – Crufts celebrates all our wonderful dogs.

Judges Competency Framework Breed Appreciation Days announced for 2018

The Kennel Club has announced the dates of the Breed Appreciation Days being held as part of its Judges Competency Framework (JCF) pilot scheme. In each case, participants will attend a lecture by at least one breed expert and have the opportunity to take a multiple choice examination based upon the breed standard.

Stud book bands

The following listing is the confirmed Stud Book Bands.

Breed Health Co-ordinators Contact Details

Breed Health Co-ordinators Contact Details

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