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The Kennel Club's registration system is a simple record of a puppy's birth and provides a number of benefits supporting responsible dog ownership.

There are many health benefits to dogs by registering with the Kennel Club and if you are thinking of breeding your dog, we recommend that you use our Mate Select tool available on our website.

Ways to register your pedigree dog litter

There are two ways that breeders can register their litters:

1.  MyKC Online Litter Registration Service

Registering your litter online via MyKC is the quickest way to register your litter - simply log in using your existing Online Service account details and it will recognise you automatically. Step by step, the MyKC online system takes you through the registration process that has been developed with all the usual rules associated with the registration of a litter. The system automatically advises you if the puppy name is already taken or if any registration details are entered incorrectly, this is subject to final validation by the Registrations Team. Don't forget to also look at the special offers that we've also placed on MyKC especially for Kennel Club breeders and Assured Breeders.

2. Complete the Form 1 - Litter Registration

Please remember to complete all sections of form and return it to the Kennel Club. Application processing may take up to 14 days and so we kindly urge breeders to complete the application as early as possible to ensure the relevant registration documents are available for the puppies' new owners at the time of sale.

What happens when the litter is registered?

Once registered, you will receive individual registration papers (Breeder Registration Document) for each puppy.  Please check the documents to ensure the details are correct, and then sign and pass to the new owner to enable them to transfer ownership.

Benefits to registering your litter on the Kennel Club Breed Register

The Kennel Club Breed Register is only available: