Litter Registration FAQs

How do I register pedigree puppies with the Kennel Club?

You can register online using the Online Litter Registration service via MyKC, or completing the Form 1 - Litter Registration.
The breeder is the person who owned the dam at the date of birth of the puppies. The stud dog owner should complete their details and sign the form.

Can any pedigree puppy be registered with the Kennel Club?

Both mother (dam) and father (sire) of the litter must be registered with the Kennel Club. Ownership details of both parents must be correct at time of mating for the stud dog and date of birth for the dam.

Are there any restrictions that would prevent me from registering my pedigree puppies?

Yes, if any of the following apply:

  • The dam has already whelped 4 litters (as of the 1st January 2012 the limit changed from 6 litters to 4 litters). As of this date the Kennel Club will no longer register any further litters from any bitch which our records show has already whelped 4 litters. Therefore for any litter born on or after the 1st January 2012, the system will automatically check to see how many previous litters the Kennel Club has an account of. Where the number previously recorded is 4 or more, the application will be rejected, or
  • The dam has already reached the age of 8 years at the date of whelping, (relief from this restriction may be considered normally provided an application is made prior to the mating, the proposed dam has previously whelped at least one other registered litter, and the application is supported by veterinary evidence as to the suitability of the bitch involved in the proposed whelping), or
  • The dam was under one year old at the time of mating, or
  • The offspring are the result of any mating between father and daughter, mother and son or brother and sister, save in exceptional circumstances or for scientifically proven welfare reasons, or
  • The dam has already had two litters delivered by caesarean section, save for scientifically proven welfare reasons and this only normally provided the application is made prior to the mating, or
  • The dam was not resident at a UK address at the date of whelping.
  • If either the dam or sire are endorsed with progeny not eligible for registration (i.e. that there is a restriction on file at the Kennel Club that prevents any puppies from being registered). Please refer to your owner certificate if you are unsure, the endorsement will be clearly displayed.

There are further Kennel Club Rules and Regulations that may prevent a litter from being registered; the full Kennel Club Rules and Regulations are contained in the Kennel Club Year Book.

Is there a time limit to register a puppy on the Breed Register?

There is no time limit although we advise that the breeder registers all the puppies in the litter at the same time at approximately 4 weeks of age so that documents can be received and passed to the new owner so they can complete change of registered ownership.

Additions to a litter or registering a puppy over 12 months of age would be subject to a late registration fee.

My bitch has had 2 litters within a 12 month period, can I register the litter?

The Kennel Club does not endorse this and would recommend at least a year is given between litters, however we do understand that in situations of accidents or if a bitch has irregular seasons, a second application will be accepted. Breeders who breed more than four litters per year must be licensed by their local authority. Breeders with fewer litters must also be licensed if they are carrying out a business of breeding dogs for sale.

From the Breeding and Sale of Dogs (Welfare) Act 1999:

Licensed breeders must:

  • Not mate a bitch less than 12 months old.
  • Not whelp more than four litters from a bitch.
  • Not whelp two litters within a 12 month period from the same bitch.
  • Keep accurate records.
  • Not sell a puppy until it is at least eight weeks of age, other than to a keeper of a licensed pet shop or Scottish rearing establishment.

My bitch is under 12 months of age can I breed from her or register a litter?

In line with the Breeding and Sale of Dogs Welfare Act 1999, the Kennel Club cannot consider the registration of a litter from a bitch that has been mated under 12 months of age.

My bitch is over 8 years of age can I register puppies?

The Kennel Club will normally only register a litter out of a bitch that is over 8 years, provided prior permission has been granted by the General Committee.

To request permission please complete the Bitch over 8 Permission form and submit with a letter from a veterinary surgeon confirming that the bitch is in good health. Once reviewed, we will advise if the application has been successful.

I have bred over 4 litters in a 12 month period, can I register a 5th?

If you have bred over 4 litters in 12 months we would require a copy of your Breeders Licence, obtained from your local council, before we can register future litters. 

How do I register a litter if an overseas sire has been used?

In order to register a litter, when the sire is registered overseas, you will need to provide us with a certified copy of the Three-Generation Pedigree issued by the overseas Kennel Club. This will need to confirm the pedigree details and the current registered ownership. We require this to be sent, with the litter application form. There is a fee to record the sire. If the dog in question has already been recorded, we require no fee or pedigree to be sent, unless, the ownership has changed.

You would be unable to register the litter online if the sire resides overseas.

My bitch has had puppies overseas, how can I register?

If you reside outside of the UK any litters whelped would be out of our jurisdiction and it would be advisable to contact the Kennel Club of your country for advice on registrations.

Do you accept half brother and sister matings?

At present the only close matings we do not accept are:

  • Father and Daughter
  • Mother and Son
  • Brother and Sister

We therefore would accept half brother and sister matings, although it is always advisable to contact the Breed Club for breeding advice and also check the current breeding regulations with ourselves prior to mating.

What are the rules regarding naming of puppies?

There are several rules regarding the naming of puppies and a guide to naming follows-

  • A name must consist of more than one word but not exceed 24 letters (including a Kennel Name).
  • A name which conflicts with an approved current Kennel Name granted to another person will not be accepted.
  • A registered name cannot be repeated within a breed.
  • The surname of the applicant is not acceptable.
  • A word cannot be repeated when naming puppies.
  • If a Kennel Name is to be used when registering a litter, the Kennel Name must appear as the first word in the name.
  • Numbers in figures and initials are not acceptable & abbreviations may be disallowed.
  • Canine terms are not permissible e.g. 'dog', 'bitch', 'kennel', 'champion', 'Crufts' and specific names of breeds.

We advise you to use our online Dog Name check tool prior to submitting a litter application.

How much does it cost to register?

The cost is £17 for each puppy to be registered, however Kennel Club Assured Breeders pay £15 per puppy. This registration will remain on the Kennel Club breed database as a permanent historical record of the breed.

Can you help me find new homes for my puppies?

The Kennel Club offers a Find A Puppy service to help you find suitable homes for your puppies.
The service costs from £20.00 and your advert will appear on our web site, once the litter is registered, for a period of two months. You can request this service during the registration process or contacting our Registrations Team on 01296 318540 once the litter is registered.

How do I go about placing endorsements on my own puppies?

You can do this at the point of registration providing that the dog is in your physical possession. You can place an endorsement by completing the appropriate section on during the registration process. The breeder must advise any prospective new owner in writing that there is a restriction on the puppy prior to the puppy being collected. (Any such agreement must be in writing and signed by both the breeder and new owner). Details on endorsements can be found in the Information Guide - Endorsements.

How long does it take for a litter registration?

As a guide please allow 14 days for the processing of registration applications that have been completed correctly. However, if there are any queries arising this may delay the process. Please note that other additional services i.e. pedigrees will be mailed out under separate cover.

How old does a male dog have to be before he can sire a litter?

We do not have any age restrictions on using a dog for sire, although it is advisable to ensure that any relevant health tests have been completed before breeding. More details can be found in our Information Guide - Using your dog at Stud.

What is the difference between a Registration Certificate and Pedigree Certificate?

Upon registering a litter of puppies you will automatically receive a Registration Certificate for each puppy that has been registered. The Pedigree Certificate can either show 3 or 5 Generations of the ancestry of the dog and can be likened to a family tree. It is an additional item to your registration.


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