Importing from the Republic of Ireland and the Channel Islands

If your dog is registered with either the Irish Kennel Club, Guernsey Kennel Club or Kennel Club of Jersey, and is residing in the United Kingdom, you can apply for an import using a Form 4.

If you are continuing to reside in the dog’s registered country, but are applying to import for competition or exhibition purposes, there are two methods by which you can do this:

  • Form 4: This application must be submitted with copies of the owner’s registration certificate and either the dog’s Three or Five Generation Pedigree*. The costs for the application are £30 and £40 respectively and the dog’s import will be marked for competition only. The benefit of using this method is that if you immigrate to the UK at a later date, and the dog is fully imported, you will not have to pay the import fee a second time.
  • Authority to Compete (ATC): An application for an ATC number costs £30. However, if you later immigrate to the UK, and the dog is fully imported, you will be required to complete a Form 4 and pay the importation fee.

Dogs can only be fully imported if they reside in the UK. Conversely, dogs residing in the UK cannot receive an ATC number or be recorded for exhibition-only.

*Please note that if you can only supply a pedigree with four generations, you have the following options:

  • Select a Three Generation Pedigree, with all four generations recorded on the Kennel Club’s system, but only three printed on the certificate.
  • Select a Five Generation Pedigree, with four generations recorded and printed, but the fifth column on the certificate being left incomplete.

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