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How do I register my imported dog?

To import a dog, a photocopy of a certified Export Pedigree should be sent with the application, unless it is a country which does not issue Export Pedigree's in which case a Three Generation Pedigree certificate is sufficient.

If the Export Pedigree or the 3 Generation Pedigree certificate does not show the current registered owner, a copy of the Owner Registration Certificate issued by the overseas Kennel Club, showing the current owner, needs to be submitted as well. When completing the Form 4 the date of import into the UK or date of quarantine entry needs to be completed.

Dogs from Germany - For a dog coming from Germany an owner needs to submit a photocopy of the Ahnentafel issued by the breed club accompanied by the Annerkennung Fur Das Ausland (Export Document issued by the VDH)

Do I need to send in the original pedigree/ certificate from the overseas Kennel Club?

No, we do not require the original copies to be submitted. Please ensure any copies sent are clear as this may delay the application.

Can I enter any competitions while my Import application is being processed?

If at the closing date for entries, you have applied for but not received the Kennel Club document, the dog can be entered and the name should be followed by the letters 'N.A.F' (Name Applied For).

My dog is registered with the Irish Kennel Club / Kennel Club of Jersey or the Guernsey Kennel Club; how do I import my dog?

Please click here for more information regarding dogs from the Republic of Ireland and the Channel Islands.

How do I register my dog if I want to import it for exhibition only?

You will need to apply for an Authority to Compete (ATC) number.*

Please note that if the dog resides in the UK it cannot receive an ATC number and must instead undergo a full import.

*Please click here for more information regarding dogs from the Republic of Ireland and the Channel Islands.

I am importing a bitch in whelp; how do I register the litter?

Bitches imported in whelp should be registered with the Kennel Club if the bitch is remaining in the UK. The litter may then be registered on a Form 1 - Litter Registration accompanied by a certified three generation pedigree issued by the country of origin for the sire. If the bitch is returned to the country of origin without leaving quarantine after whelping, then it does not need to be registered with the Kennel Club. Form 1 - Litter Registration should be accompanied by certified 3 generation pedigrees of both dam and sire from the country of origin.

I own a Kennel Name; can I add to the name of the dog I am importing?

An addition of a Kennel Name can be incorporated at the time of registration free of charge, as long as the Kennel Name and person importing the dog are the same ownership. To add please include the link word (if required) and Kennel Name on the dog name section of the application.

My dog is owned in partnership, do all owners need to sign the application?

Yes, if the dog is owned in partnership, all parties would need to sign the application form.

Do you record more than 3 generations when importing a dog?

We would normally only record 3 generations of a dog when importing although, we would record up to 5 generations of a pedigree, providing the overseas Kennel Club pedigree contains this information.  To request this select the option on the application form.

My dog has won International Titles; can these be recorded?

The Kennel Club will only record a title won at a national show from the country of origin.  Please submit a copy of the award with the application.

How long does it take for the Import to be processed?

As a guide please allow 28 days for the processing of the Import Application. If applications are incomplete, we require further information about the date of import, or we unable to read the application this would delay the processing.

How do I re-import a dog which has previously been exported?

To re-import a dog from an overseas Kennel Club please submit a completed Form 17 - Re-importation of a dog/bitch.
Also include the following:

  • Original Export Pedigree if available
  • Copy of the Owner Registration Document, issued by the overseas Kennel Club, confirming the ownership of the dog in the UK.


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