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How do I register my Kennel Club registered dog with an overseas Kennel Club?

The majority of overseas clubs with which the Kennel Club has a reciprocal agreement, require a three generation certified Export Pedigree and ownership certificate. It would be advisable to check with the relevant overseas Kennel Club to find out their requirements to import a dog.

To apply for an Export Pedigree please click here to apply online or click here to download and complete the Form 13 - Application for an Export Pedigree

Who can apply for an Export Pedigree?

The Export Pedigree may be applied for by the registered owner or breeder.

Is an Export Pedigree required to take any dog overseas?

An Export Pedigree is not required to allow a dog to leave the United Kingdom. It would be advisable to contact Defra for advice on taking your dog overseas and if the country travelling to is eligible for the Pet Travel Scheme.

Do I need an Export Pedigree to register my dog with the Irish Kennel Club / Kennel Club of Jersey or the Guernsey Kennel Club?

No, to register your dog with any of the above Kennel Clubs you do not require an Export Pedigree but need to provide a copy of the certified 3 generation pedigree and Owner Registration Certificate to the overseas Kennel Club.

My dog has an Endorsement X- Not Eligible for Export Pedigree, can I apply?

No, if your dog has the Endorsement X recorded on their record you would need to contact the person who placed the endorsement to request its removal.  Once removed, you can apply for the Export Pedigree.

How do I record my male dog as entire?

The Certification of a Male Dog section would need to be signed by a veterinary surgeon to confirm that both testicles are fully descended in the scrotum and are apparently normal.

If the application is not signed the Export Pedigree would be annotated to show the dog has not been certified entire.

How long does it take for the Export Pedigree to be issued?

As a guide please allow 28 days for the processing of the Export Application. If applications are incomplete, endorsement on the dog record, dog in incorrect ownership or we unable to read the application this would delay the processing.


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