Kennel Names

What is a Kennel Name?

A Kennel Name is an exclusive word that is associated with you and your dogs.  Known as your 'breeder signature', a Kennel Name will set your puppies aside from those of anyone else.

You can include your Kennel Name within the names of your puppies at the point of registration as well as add to an existing name of a dog in your current registered ownership.

Application for Kennel Name

A Kennel Name must be one word only, and at least 4 and not more than 12 characters.  The Kennel Name may only be used for the naming of dogs where the ownership of the Kennel Name and the registered ownership of the dog are identical.

Once the Kennel Name has been approved and granted an acceptance letter and certificate will be issued.

Benefits of owning a Kennel Name

By becoming a Kennel Name holder you will be entitled to the following benefits as part of your membership package:

  • Free Puppy Naming Service
  • Free Bequest Service for a single holding in a Kennel Name


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