Dog Name Check Online

When registering your litter you will have the opportunity to name your puppies. There are several rules relating to naming, which are contained on the litter application form 1 or can be viewed on the Puppy Litter Registration Q & A page.
With just over 20% of dog names being rejected it can be disheartened if you have spent hours choosing the names which are then not available as they conflict with an existing name already taken for the breed or an active Kennel Name.

The Dog Name Check tool allows you to check your names before applying, in order to improve your chances of getting your preferred choice of name. The tool is only a guide and the names will be subjected to further validation once submitted and we cannot guarantee they will be accepted.

Online Litter Registration

The quickest way to register your litter, within the comfort of your own home, is to register your litter online. To start the litter registration, apply for an Online Litter Registration Account today.

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