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What are the benefits to change ownership of my dog?

By changing ownership you will receive:

The breeder has not provided the dogs Registration Information Document, do I need this?

It is important to obtain the dogs Registration Information Document before you bring the puppy home. If the document is not available, ensure that you receive an undertaking in writing that this will be sent to you when received from the Kennel Club.

Once the breeder has provided your Registration Information Document you can apply to change the registered ownership of your dog.

How much does it cost to change the ownership of my dog?

There is a one off fee of £16.00.

What is the Enhanced Five Generation pedigree and Breed Record Supplement?

We offer additional items you can purchase during the transfer process these are:

How do I change the registered name of my dog?              

The registered name of a dog is usually chosen by the breeder when they register the puppy. The breeder is the only person who is able to register a dog with the Kennel Club, and in order to complete registration they must select Kennel Club names for each puppy in the litter.

Please be advised that the Kennel Club name does not need to be the same as the pet name of the dog.

If you wish to change the registered name of a dog please complete a Form 7 - Change of Registered Name.  The breeder needs to sign the application to agree to the change of name and the application needs to be received within three months of registration.

How do I add my Kennel Name to my dogs' name?

You can apply to add your Kennel Name to an existing dog's name in your registered ownership, providing a name change has not already taken place, or the dog's name is not published in the Stud Book.
To add your Kennel Name the dog would need to have the same registered ownership as the Kennel Name.  To attach your Kennel Name to the name of any dog(s) please complete a Form 8 - Addition of a Kennel Name.

My dog has no registration papers but is a pedigree dog. Can I register my dog with the Kennel Club?

Yes, you can register your dog with the Kennel Club on the Activity register. We would be unable to register any pedigree of your dog.

If you wish your dog to be on the Breed register, you would need to discuss with the breeder as they are the only person who can apply for this, and both parents would need to be registered on the Breed Register.